it’s not even Sunday, or, the death of “Canadian” jokes for me.

Okay, so I am still a tiny bit bitter at Canada for taking away some dear friends of mine . . . and with working for a bi-national organization, we often do joke about Canadians (ACTUAL Canadians) for real . . . but reading this tonight stopped me in my tracks. And that posting led me to this lying lawyer (sorry, is that redundant?!) who claimed he had no idea.

(wow. I think it was barely five years ago that I was working with at least one person who claimed she “had no idea” that the “N” word was bad!)

 But seriously? First of all, this is totally messed up. And secondly, not to make light of the whole thing, but how sad am I that I am not going to be able to joke about Canadians now, EVER AGAIN?! Even if Canadians (ACTUAL Canadians! please!) killed my dog . . . (that’s an “IF”–I didn’t say that they did–just saying IF they did . . . )

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