Sunday blogging against racism #22–a prophet for our time

Forty years later–and has anything changed? Not much that I can see, except that somehow, God has still seen fit to spare our nation . . . perhaps the United States was what He had in mind when he inspired the writers of the Bible to speak of His being slow to wrath and abounding in mercy . . . I certainly can’t think of any nation today that needs mercy more than ours does . . .

And the other thing that strikes me about the second speech–the “mountaintop” speech he gave the night before he died . . . I know that science has a term to explain this type of thing away, but in watching this, it just seems to me as if he knew. At some points, it seems as if he was practically in tears as he spoke, and his “I’m not worried” sounds just a little bit like whistling in the dark . . .

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