ouch, ouch, ouch

sitting in church tonight, I started to entertain the belief that my most recent illness (sore throat, cough, and now, waking up at 12:30 in the morning with what appears to be pinkeye, combined with a lovely earache!) must mean that I am in trouble in terms of my relationship with God.

 or maybe it’s just germs. who knows.

anyway, I am just writing to say, ow, ow, ow, ow OW my ear is throbbing. and that the internet suggestions to put olive oil and/or peroxide into my ear are just strange enough that I will hold back for now, and go with the advil and melatonin, in hopes of a few more hours of sleep.

 It is at moments like this that I curse this strange belief of mine that cold medicine isn’t useful. Perhaps it WOULD have been useful if I had actually tried it.

anyway . . . in trying to distract myself from the pain in my ear, I was wandering the internet and stopped by the Care Pages website so that I could read updates about a girl from my church and about my bosses’ brother-in-law . . . and while I think that Care Pages offers a great service, I hope it is QUITE clear that, in the (hopefully highly unlikely) event of my contracting some illness, and in the even more unlikely event that I were incapacitated to the extent that I was not able to do my own PR for said illness, that the people around me would have the common sense to realize the huge, not-to-be-denied opportunity in front of them to PROMOTE THE BLOG! Care Pages is great for the non-bloggers among us, but would be a huge disservice to my beloved blog’s ongoing struggle to increase viewership, and as such, I would be hard-pressed to forgive the lack of foresight demonstrated by the use of Someone Else’s Site when a perfectly useful site was already available.

but since this earache is not likely terminal, I think I will cease my rambling now and try to get some sleep. The med center doesn’t open until 9am . . .

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