planned obsolescence

If you haven’t gone to the website and watched the whole thing yet, (and you should!) here’s another short preview to whet your appetite. which I should mention I am posting from my six-year-old computer, which at times runs agonizingly slowly in spite of my “high-speed” internet. And I haven’t failed to replace it because I’m that noble, but rather, simply because I’m just that broke. (also because I think I hate Vista.)

One thought on “planned obsolescence

  1. I got bad news, your first link doesn’t go anywhere.

    I got good news. your computer is still good, it just needs the operating system reinstalled. After a year it accumulates a bunch of junk that slows it down. To prove or disprove my theory open windows “Task Manager” if you have more than 25 “Processes” going, that is your problem for being slow.

    Lots of possibilities to fix. Get adaware and the spyware programs off your PC. Get this program called mike lin start up to see what runs when your computer runs. Disable junk ones.

    secondly what you could do is (1)buy a second hard drive for ? $40.00. get someone to (temporarily) (2)remove your current hard drive. (3) install windows on the $40.00 hard drive. (4) reconnect the first hard drive as a “secondary”. To do this you will likely have to set these switchs they are called jumpers) on both of the back of the hard drives. Which takes a minute or two.
    No data loss and a seemingly new computer isthe result.

    thirdly otherwise you have to save all the import stuff on your current hard drive, erase it , then reinstall the operating sytem and extras. then your data stuff. no easy feat.

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