Sunday blogging against racism #17–local edition

So I tend to be more aware of the way that people and events are portrayed in the news these days . . .

There is a local woman missing right now, which of course has been all over the news . . . and in a rare moment, I was actually watching the news earlier this week and caught part of the story–but interestingly enough, when I went searching for this quote, it seems to have been sanitized. I saw this guy talking on TV, and I’m more than certain that I heard this man say, “BAD areas” or “THAT part of town”. It really stuck out to me because they were talking about Kalamazoo and Burton, which is a few blocks away from me . . . so of course I was supremely pissed off that they were categorizing MY NEIGHBORHOOD in that way . . .  

anyway–this is what the sanitized version says:

” . .  . She’s very close to her family, and she’s not the person to be out driving around the area at night…it doesn’t make any sense to us that she would be in a compromising position.”

anyway, I’m quite sure that his original words were something more akin to “driving around THAT part of town” or “THAT area” . . . maybe he even said, “the BAD part of town”–I’m certain that what I heard is not what is now being reported by the tv station, but the older version of the video is no longer available, so y’all will have to take my word for it.

and just to reiterate–I truly am sorry that your friend/co-worker is missing–but you don’t need to trash this neighborhood–I FRIGGIN’ LIVE HERE! THIS IS NOT A BAD NEIGHBORHOOD! except in some corner of your pathetic suburban imaginations!

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