what do you mean, I’m a drama queen?!

The surgery is over . . . YAY! I was about to say, “and I feel well enough to blog”, but actually I feel the pukey-ness starting to creep in again, so I may take my ginger ale and my saltines and go lie down for a bit.

the happiest news is that they did find a lipoma (random glob of fat.) They’ll check the lymph node, etc, just to be sure, but in the meantime, I feel much better.

the not-so-happy news is that said lipoma was all tangled up with blood vessels, etc and was not the easiest thing to remove. but then, when is anything I do easy?

gotta go puke now. pictures later. (of the bandages, etc–not of the puking–THAT would be gross! LOL.)

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