Thanksgiving in Grand Rapids (a study in contrasts, part two)

Aaliyah helped make cookies at my house before we went over to Mona’s.

aaliyah helping make cookies

The food was served buffet-style. Whenever I hang out with Mona, I don’t know everybody’s name who’s there, although today I know almost everybody, which is nice, since introductions are not usually made.

thanksgiving 2007

We decided to switch dinner and have it at Mona’s house at the last minute because she kept inviting people and I can’t fit this many people in my house.

Mona has a big heart. She is so generous that I lecture her about not being taken advantage of by tons of people if she ever wins the lottery.

sara and mona 11.2007(Mona with Sara)

Both Mona and I think it’s sinful to play the lottery, but we do anyway.

 Mona has four sons.

  michael lewis thanksgiving 2007

Michael is the youngest, but although I think of him as a “baby”,
he is growing up. He turned twelve this month.



matthew and david 11.2007Matthew (at left) is the second youngest and David is the oldest.
I am not sure why we don’t have any pictures of Daniel from this day.
He was probably in the other room playing video games. 



aaliyah with the turkey 11.2007


We had a 14-pound turkey (free from the church)
for fifteen people. 
Somehow, it was enough.






 We ate off of plastic plates. There weren’t nearly enough chairs, so the kids ate in the other room, sitting on the beds.



aaliyah thanksgiving 2007

Most of the pictures are of Aaliyah, because she is utterly cute even though she is SO naughty.

Martha Stewart it was not . . . but it was actually a really nice day. and I have so much to be thankful for . . .

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