why I get mad at Oprah

. . . because she thinks that she’s not wrong to take care of black girls on the other side of the globe and yet ignore the young black men languishing right here in our own nation.

addendum: It may seem as though the comment above came out of left field, so I wanted to refer back to this earlier post of mine–read the linked article there and you’ll see what I’m getting at. I am definitely not saying that she should NOT help out South African girls; rather, I am unhappy with her stated reason for choosing to help them and not the kids here (who, some may argue, are in just as much need.)

2 thoughts on “why I get mad at Oprah

  1. I think I understand where you’re coming from. But in defense of Oprah let me say that black for her doesn’t begin and end at our shoreline. It leapfrogs the globe.

    Being a product of Africa (her ancestry was recently traced back to a certain African country, through careful genealogy and DNA analysis) she feels vested in Africa, and in a country that has only recently emerged from apartheid.

    I don’t think that she’s less vested in this country (and its black youth), but would like to shape the outcome of young lives in a part of the world where the spirit and hopes of young black girls have languished.

    That she’s doing good anywhere for anyone is reason to applaud and not criticize. I see it this way. We’re All One. What We Do For Another, We Do For Ourselves.

    It all comes back, if not now, then down the road a piece.

  2. Thanks–I added a piece above and referred back to an earlier article I wrote. I totally understand what you’re saying, but I was responding to her specific statement(s?) that she does not want to help kids in the US because “they only ask for sneakers” or however she stated it . . .

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