a happy ramen noodle experience

So when I graduated from college, I told myself I would never again eat ramen noodles. In reality, however, I really don’t mind them, especially if they are cooked thoroughly.

Every now and then, I will see the more expensive versions in the store, and will find myself wondering, “is it really worth it to pay 59 cents instead of the 17 cents I pay for the regular ramen?”

(yes, I know . . . there is surely no more important question in the entire universe!)

Finally, I decided to purchase the deluxe variety recently, and I have to say that I was extremely pleased with the results. And because I regularly read fancy food blogs written by folks much classier than myself (like this one and this one),  I found myself wanting to appropriate some WT version of a cooking blog, so I grabbed the camera and tried to photograph the lovely noodles:

Sadly, the picture really doesn’t do them justice, but I am happy to report that they were definitely well worth my 59 cents! The broth was miso-flavored; the noodles were thicker than my usual brand, and it was just an all-around enjoyable experience.

Plus I get to blog about it . . .


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