From the “I don’t want to know” department, or “I’m not THAT kind of fat girl!”

So I love to look at the search terms people have used to find my site, only there’s one really disturbing trend that bugs me. I am probably making it worse by writing about it, but I can’t help myself–I find it so amusing (albeit gross!) that people are stumbling upon my humble little blog via such means.

 At any rate, here is an ACTUAL list of some of the search terms used to find my blog in the past seven days. And lest you think this is a high-traffic week, please be assured that these terms really are present in ANY seven-day period of time. I’ll allow you to draw your own conclusions, but trust me when I say that the ONLY reason I ever mention the fact that I am a fat girl is that I want to EDUCATE people about the rights of people of all shapes and sizes. Whatever else you might be looking for, TRUST ME, I’m definitely not interested.

Anyway, here they are, with my commentary in [brackets]:

fat girl
size acceptance [this one’s okay!]
fat women pictures
fat women
“fat girl”
girl fat

fat girl
fat women
I love Fat Girls

fat girl
girl fat
fat women photo
fat women
fat women

fat girl
fat lingerie
fat women $hitting
[post script to the above: This one actually might be my own fault. BUT I DIDN’T MEAN IT THE WAY YOU WERE HOPING!]
[addendum, 1.13.08–I am changing the word here, as I did in another spot, to see if I can stop these searches from taking people here . . . wish me luck!]
Fat girl wedding
fat women
fat girl
fat girl + free
[I really hope they were looking for “free of society’s expectations” and not “free gross stuff on the internet”!]
fat fire on new york september 11 [WTF?!]
fat pants [this one could be a “girl term” and might be okay. MIGHT be.]
fat girl
fat women

fat tax [This is another approved subject. See my rant on the topic.]
fat girl pic
fat girls in swimsuites

Collectively, these search terms are far more disturbing than the occasional, “how can I dress like the Duggars?” searches that I see.

People! Get off the internet and get a life already!

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