Grand Rapids as Laodicea: reflections on “meatless” sermons.

If someone can find me a Mars Hill sermon that sounds even remotely like this one, I will not only take back every unkind thing I ever said about the place, but I will also get an “I ♥ Rob Bell” tattoo on my ass.

Okay, I probably won’t really do that, because I really don’t think tattoos are biblical, but seriously . . . THIS is the kind of preaching that we need to hear. As I left the service yesterday morning, it struck me that what I had just heard and what I have been feeding on as of late are as different as prime rib is from a veggie burger with those fake painted-on charcoal marks. The one is enjoyable to eat, gives you something to chew on, and leaves you feeling like you’ve actually had a MEAL, whereas the other leaves you feeling vaguely cheated and scavenging for something else to fill you.

The church I belong to has in the past proven itself capable of prime rib, but it seems like more and more it’s been cranking out the veggie burgers en masse, and I just don’t know what to do about it. Do I eat what’s put in front of me, and enjoy the rare gourmet meal when it appears? Do I send back my soggy veggie burger and refuse to budge until something more than merely edible comes my way? Or do I change my dining habits and find a restaurant that will serve me what I need and not merely what is easy to prepare and works well enough for those who have forgotten how good a real meal can be?

I am not sure what the answer is . . . I only know that I am still hungry.

2 thoughts on “Grand Rapids as Laodicea: reflections on “meatless” sermons.

  1. Okay, I totally get this. The thing I ask is what is our responsibility? It sounds so passive to sit back and wait for the right “meal.” And yet I also know what it’s like to be “starving.” Do we go off on our own to scrounge up some food in our alone time? I think you are really seeking a community that reflects your deepest passions. It’s a hard thing to find… but I think the desire and the quest are good ones.

  2. You left a comment on my blog, and I am at a loss to know who you are and how you ran across my blog. Your “about me” was no help. Can you fill me in? I am also from GR, but doubt if there is much more in common.

    Wauting expectantly.

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