Sunday blogging against racism #6–right here where we live!

(Ah, yes, I am quoting Meet Me in St. Louis, which has always been one of my favorite movies, only now it’s ruined because I found out more than I wanted to know about the actual history of the World’s Fair of 1904 . . . but I digress.)

I discovered Carmen Van Kerckhove and her wonderful blogs not too long ago. Imagine my surprise when I saw that she had been a guest on Grand Rapids’ own Radio in Black and White . . . which I had heard of, but haven’t listened to until now . . . although I need to start tuning in . . .

anyway, you should listen too. You can hear the interview directly on Carmen’s blog by clicking the arrow at the bottom of this post . . . it will take about 35 minutes to listen to the part that includes her, but it’s totally worth it, especially towards the end when she starts talking about Africa . . .

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