search terms: part of what I love about WordPress!

I should really look at these and post my favorites more often. WordPress, as part of my blog statistics, allows me to see which search terms people have used to get to my blog. Here are a few favorites of the past week:

“get a car towed in nyc”
 (this, or some variation of this, is a common search term here. I’m glad I can be of service!)

“alyssa alanis” (hey now! that set of names is already taken!)

“duggars insane” (THAT’S RIGHT!) and many other variations.

“kalamazoo racist” (yes, sometimes)

“underarms photos” (yeah, well . . . )

and my ABSOLUTE  FAVORITE for the week:

“pronounce acrost”

YES, THAT’S CORRECT!!! THERE IS NO “T” IN “ACROSS”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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