my happy blog dream

well, I don’t think the dream itself was necessarily happy . . . but I am cracking myself right up (as my friend Kathryn would say) because the first thing I remembered about the dream was the part where I was ranting and raving and in the dream I suddenly said to the person I was ranting to, “I am SO going to blog about this!”

It’s just funny to me that this is the first piece of the dream that I could consciously remember . . . but maybe that’s just me . . .

 anyway, what I was ranting about in the dream was that I had been invited to a wedding (for someone I couldn’t remember how I knew!) and when I got there, there was a seat for me and NOT a seat for a “plus one” . . . which really IS a pet peeve of mine . . . but I’ll have to wait until the next time I have an actual invitation in my hand that does NOT say “Lorraine + guest” before actually ranting about this phenomenon here . . .

I just love that even in my subconscious moments, I am all about the blogging . . .

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