so am I going to hell because I think the Duggars are wrong?

Some would say that I am. However, I would beg to differ.  

First of all, I will say that I know that my tone may at times appear to be a bit excessive. Those of you who know me “in real life” are familiar with this trait in me, and recognize it as one of my quirks. Those of you who only know me via the internet may not be able to see it as quite so endearing, and indeed, some of you are probably praying for my salvation even as I write this. I will say that, like any Jesus follower, my sanctification is far from complete. However, I also believe that it’s possible to BE a Jesus follower without being a card-carrying, anti-birth control Republican . . .

and I will say that maybe I feel a little bit bad for bad-mouthing these people that I don’t know. But it’s not the people themselves that I’m upset with–it’s the concept. Somehow, at least in my mind, there’s a difference between the two . . .

and I’m okay with it if you don’t agree with me.

4 thoughts on “so am I going to hell because I think the Duggars are wrong?

  1. Well you know I agree with you but then I am sort of a heathen, so there you go. People like them really irritate those of us who can’t conceive and can’t afford to go through all the fertility stuff or adopt. Even my husband said (refering to the Duggars) that maybe they could spare one (like on Raising Arizona). And I am curious if these same Christian, Republican people who applaud the Duggars are in turn applauding Hispanic and African American families who have large families. Hmmm, why don’t I think so?

  2. I guess you could say of the Duggars that no good deed goes undespised. Is there a particular number of one’s own children that God approves of? As to “going to hell because I think the Duggars are wrong”, who told you that? Your angst seems a bit of an overreaction to the original post.

  3. I have been fortunate to befriend the oldest of eleven children and I have been introduced to the large family. I recognize the issues you have raised in the previous post.

    My immediate emotional response to your rant is the following: your delivery bites. Thinking clearly about everything, however, I’ve come to the following conclusion: Maybe if you had presented your opinion differently, perhaps you wouldn’t have had similar reactions to those you had described, with people thinking you were scum of the earth or whatnot. I’m probably a part of a minority that isn’t immediately attacking your opinion but rather telling you to work on the delivery. If you think the Duggars are wrong, you’re entitled to think so. I’m not here to judge you or point out how much of a Christian you’re not being.

    I think the issues you and a lot of Anti-Duggar types bring up, such as the lack of individuality and the idea that the kids have to do so much and grow up faster, are just typical struggles for their family. Families have their struggles (mine was discipline) but that doesn’t make Jim Bob and Michelle bad parents. Real Estate is a lucrative career and it appears as though Jim Bob is doing what a good parent does: providing for his family. He is doing a lot right as the head of his family, but no one has claimed that the Duggar family is the epitome of the perfect Christian family. They have their flaws and struggles. Who doesn’t?

  4. (posted and e-mailed)
    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your rational and balanced response. And your point is well-taken . . . I probably could have said it with a lot less vitriol than I did. But in one sense, those who know me know that “ranting” is something I just do . . . not just about the Duggars, but about many topics. so people who know me can recognize (I hope) that it’s just “me being me”. Not saying this makes it right, but . . .

    The one place where I disagree with you is in the assertion that “nobody is saying that they are the perfect Christian family” . . . um, I think that many people, especially those who are most horrified/offended by my rant, really ARE saying that they are the “ideal” (though perhaps not “perfect”) Christian example of “be fruitful and multiply”.

    It struck me recently that I watch “Jon and Kate plus 8” on TLC, and for whatever reason, their family doesn’t bug me as much . . . to be honest with you, I think it has a lot to do with my sense that there is something so . . . Aryan, for lack of a better word, about huge families full of white folks. And my only other issue with the make-up of the family is that everything I see (even the way things are represented on their TV specials) makes it clear that it’s all work and no play if you are female, and there is this level of glorification of/servitude towards the male family members that to me borders on creepy.

    Still, it bothers me to no end that of all the things I write about, the post I wrote on the Duggars is still my highest-traffic post of all time . . . I would like to believe that other things I have to say would have as much appeal to people, but as of yet, apparently not. Which leads me to wonder what it is that has caused 1000+ people to google questions like, “what is wrong with the Duggars?” and find their way to my site. Sucky delivery or not, it’s quite clear that I’ve hit a nerve. I wish I could get that many people tuning in to my discussions about racism!!!!!!!!!!

    Again, THANK YOU for your rational and respectful response. I really appreciate it.


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