where you are

ain’t where you wish that you was
Well your life ain’t easy and the road is rough
But where you are is where He promised to be
From the ends of the world to every point of need

(good old Rich Mullins . . . )

or there’s this one (it took me quite a while to find these lyrics online)–it’s an old Kim Hill song called “Satisfied”:

But maybe the tide will turn
And maybe a storm will rage inside you
And maybe you’ll come to learn that you’re not satisfied.
Maybe your heart will break
Or maybe your world will fall around you
Maybe that’s what it’s gonna take, to see you’re not satisfied.

these two songs have been on my mind for a couple of weeks now, I think because I came to the realization that I am never happy for long. Is it just a symptom of being borderline/ADHD/other? or am I just wired this way?

now I’m going to do that super-annoying thing where I don’t edit this very well, but I post it anyway. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be inspired to make something of this drivel . . . but for now, it’s all about the lyrics . . .

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