methinks they are panicking too soon . . .

would you agree?

This is what I got when I logged into a database I’m using for work:

“You’re close to capacity. Your account’s service level provides space for managing up to 50 volunteer records. You currently have 1 records in your database, which leaves space for just 49 records.”


2 thoughts on “methinks they are panicking too soon . . .

  1. Hello. So you are in GR? As you can see I grew up down the road in Benton Harbor. I was going to post some stuff about St. Joe, but decided to go this rout. Thanks for your kind words and your effort to bridge the gap. I was listening to a sermon from a church in Grand Rapids that happens to have seminary (in S.C) that they send aspiring pastors to. Is that the one you belong to? Have a good week.

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