Should Christians re-marry?

My answer is “no” in most cases, and yet my church seems to sanction it, which is REALLY disappointing to me . . .  

I haven’t read this entire article yet (I really need to get to sleep!), but despite the risk of his having said something horribly sexist that I will be in trouble with my friends for agreeing with even though I didn’t know I agreed with it (or really didn’t agree with it) because I haven’t read the whole thing yet . . .

 (did you follow that?!)

ANYWAY,  all I can say is that I am soooooooooooo completely in agreement with his conclusions on this issue, even before seeing how he got there.

Don’t worry. I’ll read it tomorrow . . .  

One thought on “Should Christians re-marry?

  1. I read it, all of it. Are you surprised? Very dry reading I might add but it was interesting. My union is not recognized or sanctioned by God anyway (according to Bo’s mom and brother). I guess since my aunts married us then they are correct. But according to this, Bo’s mom and Paul are in trouble! I should send the article to her. *I* believe that our marriage is blessed. Just so you know I plan to remain single in case divorce does happen so I would be ok, lol!

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