Top Ten Reasons why my friends are the BEST

10. They still hang out with me even though I am never on time for ANYTHING.

9. They let me ramble on and on about things that they’ve already read about on my blog   three weeks ago.

8. They stop me from some serious fashion faux pas. (or try to stop me, anyway!)

7. They are extremely patient with me when I owe them money.

6. They don’t laugh at my driving. (well, not too much, anyway!)

5. They come to my rescue when I lock myself out of my car. While it’s still running.

4. They put up with my strange “iced tea and water” habits in the restaurant.

3. They understand my disdain for vanilla ice cream.

2. They forgive me (over and over again) for so many of the stupid and mean things I do and say.

And the #1 reason my friends are the best:

1. They love and accept me in the way I’ve heard that “family” is supposed to . . . and without them in my life, I don’t think I would have ever understood that . . .


in other news . . . wordpress has this feature where you can see which search terms people used to get to your site . . . I really love this feature! (though I’m afraid to say that, because they might take it away, like they took away the feed stats . . . ) It’s really interesting to see how people have stumbled across my blog.

I am still trying to figure out how someone found me by searching for the term “boston politics”, though . . . (postscript: DUH . . . never mind . . . I figured it out)

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons why my friends are the BEST

  1. Awwwww, well I am glad you realize that we love you for who you are! Just once in a while we have to see you in person. . .LOL

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