I really don’t have anything to say

but I fear you will tune out if I don’t keep the posts coming . . .

I could post another picture of my hand (the blister hasn’t popped yet–I knew you were dying to know that!) but it’s really kind of gross.

It was a good weekend. The Museum of African-American History was amazing, but I’ll say more about that later . . .

now I must sleep.

ADDENDUM: It occurs to me now that the above post is incredibly self-absorbed and is also a blatant attempt to increase my blog stats. (which God does not approve of!)

but seriously . . . I am starting to learn that it’s not wise to say something just to say something . . . you have to say something because you have SOMETHING to say. (as in, something that matters.)

so I guess now I am saying that I was wrong to say something when I didn’t have anything to say. And maybe that’s worth saying . . .

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