Normal people

One of the biggest scourges of my life has been trying to figure out how “normal people” act. I don’t eat dinner or go to bed at a “normal” time, so I never know when it is an “okay” time to call someone, because “normal people” might be eating “normal dinner”, or they might not want phone calls after 9pm. (the latter to me is maybe NOT so normal, but maybe that’s just me . . . )

This is nowhere more evident than when I am planning food for a large group. Tonight, I had to figure out “continental breakfast” for about 50 people . . . oh, and it all had to be stuff that can be eaten on a bus. (so no bagels to be buttered, no yogurt that requires spoons, etc.)

I don’t eat breakfast. At least not during the week. I can barely get myself out of bed and showered to be at work by noon,  😉 let alone figure out how to eat something on the way out the door. I am also not fond of breakfast foods . . . pancakes, waffles and cereals make me too sleepy, and I don’t eat eggs. So figuring out what “normal” people eat for breakfast was quite an “interesting” experience . . . I was literally walking through the frozen pizza aisle (it’s probably not called that, but what else WOULD you call it?!) and thought to myself, “Pizza. Don’t people eat pizza for breakfast?” For about 30 seconds, I was absolutely convinced that pizza was a valid breakfast choice.

So anyway . . .  we shall see how folks like my little meal tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t turn into a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving type of meal . . .

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