my little sparrows . . .

               High school was not a great experience for me. (is it for anybody?) One of the remnants of this is that I am shocked when I realize that people actually like me. It has taken me more than twenty years to come even reasonably close to liking myself, so it’s unfathomable to me that people would actually enjoy my company and want to be around me. But now and again, I am reminded that my perception of myself may be just a tiny bit distorted.

        This week, I met a group of young people that are the epitome of what I love about my job. I found out last year that these names on a sheet of paper, these people I e-mailed 82 times to get them to send me the forms I needed, were living, breathing Christ-followers with amazing stories and really, really fun personalities. This year, we had a much smaller group, but I was no less amazed by the love that God gave me for this group of brothers and sisters in Christ, or for the ways that God has formed each of them “for such a time as this.”

                There were “only” seven this year . . .  but I wouldn’t have it any other way . . . it has been an amazing the “my little sparrows” thing comes from a play we saw on Friday night . . . it’s what this mother called her children . . . and I do feel like they are my “children” too, in a way (though I am barely old enough to be their mother!), birthed amidst a flurry of paperwork and e-mails back and forth . . . and now I have to watch them fly, and see where God will take them.    

              and best of all, they really do like me . . .

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