theological question du jour . . .

can a really bad poem that I wrote thirteen years ago be a prohecy in disguise?

The Lady stands tall in the harbor
Keeping one light on for me
She will wait, and keep a vigil
‘Til returning, I am free.

Far away the journey takes me
Mercy as my only guide
Days uncertain, heart so heavy
I will wait to be His bride

‘Til then I’ll go where He leads me
‘Til then I will walk alone
Winds grow steady; I am certain
That this place is not my home.

Led by One who knows my future
Not afraid to leave the past
Let go of what doesn’t matter
Hold on to the things that last.

 Time will tell, I guess . . .  

One thought on “theological question du jour . . .

  1. Bad poetry? If that’s bad, well…I’ll eat my hat. I don’t wear a hat, but if I did…

    Seriously, it is good. Is it prescient? Hard to say. It certainly is far reaching, in it’s outlook, on your life.
    I don’t know why you left New York, or what you need to be freed from, in order to return. If I interpret correctly, you seek to be a bride to Christ, laudable. I, too, have that goal. Though, I also want “one like myself”, to wed.

    You say, “Till then I will walk alone.” No. Never alone. If there is any tangible dividend, to belonging to Christ, in this life, it is surely, that we are never alone, in our walking through this world.

    You will be led, as you are being led, to that place, in you, and ahead of you, that is your true home, in him.

    Take heart, my friend.


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