what do you do when your church drives you crazy?

I just feel like I don’t know how many times I can complain, whether anybody really even hears me anyway, etc. but there’s so much that isn’t right and it just makes me so sad for this place I once loved. and what’s a girl to do when doctrine and diversity are equally strong passions? I just can’t see a way to have both . . .

2 thoughts on “what do you do when your church drives you crazy?

  1. Not sure of the specific complaints you have, but I understand that Madison has it’s “issues”, as any church does.

    In my wrestling with Madison, for a chunk of the past 22 years, I reached a peace, when I realized that I needed to be there. It was where the Lord wanted me. Due to that, I decided that whatever my objections, I would surrender, and focus on him. Whether that be in corporate worship, or in ministry.

    When I’m actually able to keep that focus, I find peace, in attending Madison. When I can’t, I see obstacles, flaws, and divisions.



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