false doctrine

I found the following on this website–mind you, I can’t really “endorse” said website in its entirety, since a) I obviously haven’t read the whole thing and b) typically, the websites that have information that meshes with what I believe concerning such things seem to also tend towards other beliefs that I find to be far too rigid. So what’s an ex-Catholic, formerly “fundy” Baptist, Reformed woman to do? Perhaps . . . perhaps I should walk away from my computer and throw myself into God’s Word, so that I will be able to speak about these things with knowledge and not just the nauseating pit in my stomach that I have come to recognize as discernment . . .

(also–it’s apparent that people on both sides of the issue share one thing: none of them can spell. hmm.)

And we also know, by the written Word of God, that it is a Spirit of Whoredom which drives Christians to to run here and there seeking a “Word From the Lord.” Putting it bluntly, They want their fortunes told. But, as “good Christians” they know better than to go to “Madame Zelda-Palm Reader” for it, so Satan has set up some very convincing counterfeits under the guise of “prophetic presbyteries”–right in our very own churches! Yes, [we] believe all of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for the Church today, including the gift of prophecy, but these prophetic “presbyteries” are not of God. They are not scriptural, and neither are the prophetic training sessions that are provided for the purpose of “activating” the prophetic gift in Christians.  It is not the Holy Spirit that is being activated at these sessions! We can find absolutely no difference in either the language or the technique used in these prophetic gift activation workshops from those used in psychic gift activation workshops. The parallels are easy to see with only a minimal amount of research.

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