thoughts for Resurrection Sunday

So on the blog that I share with some of my co-workers, I wrote this post, and I must confess that, despite an admittedly shoddy editing job,  I’m pretty proud of it . . .

now, for those of you who say that “pride cometh before a fall”, I have to tell you that for me, tonight at least, the oppposite is true. FIRST I fell (outside of church, after tonight’s Good Friday services, FLAT ON MY FACE in true “lorraine” style) . . . and that was about three hours ago, so you see, the pride in this case came AFTER the fall!!!

One thought on “thoughts for Resurrection Sunday

  1. Lore-Reign

    Lore – noun – learning, knowledge, or erudition
    (erudition – noun – profound scholarly knowledge) 

    Reign – noun – dominating power or influence

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