pee dreams

okay. maybe this is the weirdest/freakiest/tackiest blog entry ever, but I really am curious.

 (and if you agree that this is an inappropriate topic for a blog (or to ever be discussed out loud, blog or no blog!), please feel free to comment. If I get enough comments that it’s just too, too gross, I may remove this entry completely . . . )

I am fascinated by “pee dreams”. I am even more fascinated by the fact that not everyone experiences these. In case you are a part of the “non-pee-dreaming” group, let me explain. basically, it’s your normal (though epic) dream, but an underlying thread is that you have to pee. so you are having the dream (say, you are sheep-herding in hawaii or whatever), but every five minutes (in dream time!) you stop, and you pee, but then right after you do, you have to go again. What I have noticed is that there has been a progression for me–from thinking (in the dream), “I must have a UTI” (which is almost always what I find myself saying to myself–in the dream. ps–IRL I have never had one!) to at times saying to myself (again, in the dream), “you’re not dreaming anymore–you can just go ahead and go to the bathroom ‘for real’ now”.

 The thing that fascinates me is that my body knows better than to listen to my brain. How can this be? How do my mind and body work together to keep me from wetting my bed on a daily basis? and why do some people experience “pee dreams” while others have never had them?

Surely there are more important questions in life, but in this moment, I truly can’t think of any . . .


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