angel dreams justice, aka “AJ”, aka “the pig-dog”

. . . has gone to doggie heaven. and it’s hard to not feel like a murderer, even though she was in pain and it was definitely her time to go . . .

 harder still to explain to those who don’t know the whole story how this is about so much more than the dog . . . but I will need to save up some emotional energy before pursuing that topic . . . for now, let’s say that I’m grateful (and sometimes amazed) that my brother is still alive, and I am struggling all over again with walking in forgiveness towards my parents . . .

she’s giving me “that look”–this was Angel’s last day (3.19.07). I try to tell myself that she looks like she was in pain . . . 

One thought on “angel dreams justice, aka “AJ”, aka “the pig-dog”

  1. After I saw the photo you sent of poor AJ’s sore and you filled me in on her condition. . .well let’s just say you did the most humane thing. If only people were able to be cared for in that way, but then that is a WHOLE different topic that I don’t want to get into. You know I am just as bad as your brother when it comes to my pets, they are my furry children after all and it would be just as hard for me to let them go. I shed a few tears for AJ, even Bo did but don’t tell him I told! Remember he met her that one time. He said “pig-dog is in doggie heaven chasing birds or something like that”. As for your brother, I am praying for him AND YOU.

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