the pig-dog: is this really the end?

michael and AJ

got a call from my brother . . . he is asking me to come and help him decide whether it’s time to put the dog to sleep, as his neighbor is urging him to do.

Those who come from families less fragmented than my own might find it hard to understand why a mere dog could cause so much drama . . . but AJ has been more than a dog to my brother; she’s been a faithful, unconditionally loving companion to him for something like seven years now [correction–I’m thinking it’s probably closer to nine or ten years that he had her] . . . and, other than my brother Kevin and myself, who are “there for him” in varying degrees, and a friend back in Arizona, AJ is truly all my brother Michael has. This 6″1′, burly carpenter is in tears over the prospect of losing his beloved friend . . . so I can’t do anything but go there, and do what I can to help.

there are a million reasons why I “shouldn’t” go, but one compelling reason why I must: he is my brother, and he needs me. and as little as we were taught about what a “healthy” family looks like, I still know enough to get up and go to him when he is hurting.

if you are a Jesus follower reading this, your prayers for my journey are appreciated.

pig-dog.jpg AJ, aka “the pig-dog”

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